Winter 2018 – Interview with about all my groups –

The W-2 Tape, You Can Feel It Even Now, received a nice write up by Marc Masters in the Hi Bias column on Bandcamp – 

Summer 2017 – W-2’s “Fanatics” has received a good deal of press since its release – I’ve copied the links below.

Dusted –
“Surrender while you can; these guys had you in your sets from the second you walked in the door.” – Bill Meyer

Free Jazz Blog –
“Fanatics is a work of constant invention, forty-eight blistering minutes of wide-awake improvised interplay. Like any machine left running on high, the album gives off a heat that teases the boundary between pain and pleasure, happily warm and white hot. Yet with this latest installment in their discography—their third album in this specific vein since just March of last year—the duo seems unlikely to burn out any time soon.”

SomethingElse Reviews – 
“It’s not really about the sax or the synthesizer but the interaction of both with each other. It’s improvised, sure, but not necessarily random. Weinberg and Welcome might be traveling on some wobbly orbits but they’re clearly orbiting around each other. With no melody, no rhythm, no structure whatsoever, there’s just a flow and they flow together.”

The Quietus Spool’s Out –
“no nonsense fucking noise of the Borbetomagus tradition.” 

The Observer –
“Weinberg and Welcome cough up a nasty electro-acoustic noise-jazz mania where Weinberg’s guttural shrieks and squawks collide head on, spar and dance with Welcome’s spastic electronics-stabbing pyrotechnics in brutal Borbetomagus-meets-The Flying Luttenbachers-like free-for-alls.”

The Hum – 
A battle between two dynamic spectrum of sound, who’s interplay joins as one of the most engaging assemblies I’ve heard in this territory I’ve heard in a number of years.

Tabs Out 
” I don’t even want to be rescued from this miasma.”

Boston Hassle 
“electro-acoustic by nature, this is abrasive, bent, constantly moving music. The melding of such different timbres through such crumbling sounds is quite an earful to grab. Thank christ for this record! I am moved. Get on your knees. ”

I just released this solo record Canards that I recorded at Andrew Barker’s place in Feb 2017. Available on BC (below) or cassette with extra tracks.



The next W-2 record, FANATICS, will be released on the Astral Spirits label on June 16, 2017.